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Questions You Should Ask a Loved One Before It’s Too Late:

Published: July 8, 2022

What questions should you ask a loved one before their passing?


     Your loved one may have planned their memorial, chosen a cemetery plot and marker, and taken similar steps. How can you help them now? Many experts suggest talking with them about their life, their legacy, their accomplishments, their favorite things and people. That is excellent advice, but while you are talking, think about some of the other items that you will have to know after their passing. These are often simple facts but key to some vital steps, the sort of little details that, unknown, can cause anguish and frustration when it’s too late to ask the only person who might know.

     Some of these queries seem obvious but others are the sort of information that we realize we need when it is too late to ask. We suggest you take notes and not rely on your memory for the responses.

     * Is your will up to date? Where is it stored?

     * Have you written your end-of-life wishes? Do you have a living will that specifies what treatments you wish and which ones you don’t want?

     * Whom should we notify when you pass? Where is their contact information?

     * Are there any relationships you would like to mend?

     * Where would you hope to end your life, at home or in a special care facility?

     * Where are your passwords stored?

     * Where are your insurance documents and other legal papers stored? If in a locked safe, where is the key or the combination?

     * Where are your birth certificate, your military records, your marriage license?

     * Where is your social security card or a document with the number?

     * Where are your vehicle titles or bills of sale?

     * Where are deeds for any property you own?

     * Are credit card statements, any other loan documents, and bills in an accessible place?

     * Where is your safe deposit box located, and where is the key?

     * Have you arranged with anyone to care for your pets?

     * If you have been storing cremains from pets or loved ones, what disposition do you wish for them?

     * Does anyone have power of attorney for you? If not, do you want to appoint one?

     * Where are your citizenship papers if you are naturalized?

     * If you have promised any of your possessions to friends and family, is there a list?

     * What should we do about any social media accounts like Facebook?

     * Do you have a funeral plan in place? If not, what memorial services would you wish?

     * Do you have a cemetery deed or other proof of ownership?

     * What one thing do you want us to always remember about you?

     * Do you have any quotes or words you lived by to share with us?

     Most of us are daunted to read this list. Just take it a step at a time. Our Pre-Arrangements Form can help you start organizing information. Independent Age, a registered charity in the UK, also has solid information on aging and how to support our loved ones. about-before-someone-dies

Not all these questions will apply in every situation, of course. We hope these ideas will suggest other information you need, unique to your situation. Thanks for reading our blog. You can reach out to us, Raynor & D’Andrea Funeral Home, anytime at 1-800-737-0017.

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